My artist statement

I am Fía Yang, a multidisciplinary artist from China, now residing in Iceland, where the raw power of its living landscapes fuels my work.

Within my artistic journey, I contemplate the dynamic layers of my identity, a steadfast pursuit of freedom, and a fascination with the enigmas of the unknown. I blend various painting mediums on unprimed linen canvas, shaping large paintings that echo the profound interconnectedness of humanity and nature. While painting remains my primary medium, I explore new forms like media, performance art, and music, unlocking diverse avenues for creative expression.

In my recent series, "GENESIS," my art practice took a fresh direction. Structured, figurative elements now seamlessly coexist with spontaneous, abstract expressions. Imagine it as an ethereal ballet—a dance between the human form and the essence of life, weaving fluidity, electricity, and cellular vitality. My art is in constant flux, celebrating the ongoing dance of creation, and capturing the essence of existence with every stroke and note.


Fía Yang (b. 1988, Hunan, China) is a multidisciplinary artist with an interior design background, currently residing in Iceland.

Her art is an exploration of self-discovery, embracing liberation, and forging an intimate connection with viewers on a personal level. She immerses herself in the intricate tapestry of her identity, fueled by a resolute pursuit of liberation and an enchantment with the mysteries of the unknown. Crafting expansive works on unprimed linen canvas, she deftly employs a diverse array of painting techniques, weaving pieces that resonate with the profound interplay between humanity and nature. While painting remains her primary medium, she explores diverse artistic outlets, including filmmaking, performance, and music, enriching her artistic expression. For Fía, creating is more than a pursuit—it's a way of life. Embodying the mantra "I live to create," she believes that true fulfilment is found in embracing life itself, transcending the constraints of certainty.

Over the past year, Fía has actively participated in group exhibitions across the UK, Iceland, and the US. Notably, she engaged in the BAAR art residency program in Berlin. Her work is featured in the BITHOUSE Projects Collection and held by private collectors in Europe and Asia.

Selected Exhibition

Sep, 2023 SOLO Living Creature, Winners Gallery, Beijing, CN

Jun, 2023 Kollegar, Gallery Port, Reykjavik, IS

Apr, 2023 White Box, Flæði, Reykjavik, IS

Mar, 2023 Public Private, Newwave Space, Reykjavik, IS

Mar, 2023 Eve Presents #3, Eve Leibe Gallery, London, UK

Oct, 2022 Politics of Charm, Cicek Gallery, London, UK

Curation and Residency

2023 - 2024 BAAR Art Residency, Berlin, GE

Mar, 2023 Public Private, Group show, Newwave Space, Reykjavik, IS

Media and Press

2023 Interview | Art Monday (28 Aug, 2023)

2022 Online Media | Artnet (3 Aug, 2022)